What is the term for “technical extinction” of yet alive animals?

What is the term for “technical extinction” of yet alive animals?

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What is the term for an event in which a species is still alive, but has no chance of future reproduction and the species will be considered extinct once the current generation dies out?

For example a species of a tiger that has the last 5 surviving members left and which are all related and all male. Hence, even though they are still alive, there is no chance that the species will be able continue their bloodline and hence are already "technically" extinct.

This is technically called Functional extinction. With no viable reproducing population the species will almost certainly become extinct. Note that humans could potentially mess with this through the use of reproductive technologies.

For this matter, I'll call it Ecological Extinction. That means you still have an extant population, but the individuals in which you are focusing on do not interact any longer with their surroundings and environment as they should. For ex., they're no longer preying or being predators, they no longer reproduce because effective population (Ne) isn't enough. There's an example in which you can make some research on, and it's about the Ecological Extinction of Nomascus leucogenys (white cheeked gibbon) in Yunnan Province, China. There are some papers about it, which you'll easily find if you go to Google Scholar. Hope I helped.

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