7.3: Results and analysis - Biology

Effect of different light conditions on the rate of photosynthesis

Data Table

Results of Different Light Conditions on Spinach Leaf Disks

Light Condition# Disks Floating% Disks Floating
Room light


Prepare a bar graph of the % disks floating for each light condition. Be sure to give the graph a title and label each axis.


  1. Predict what the results will be if your hypothesis is supported.
  2. What is the independent variable in this experiment
  3. What is the dependent variable in this experiment.
  4. Name one other independent variables that could affect the rate of photosynthesis?
  5. What petri dish is serving as the control group?
  6. What is the function each of the following components of photosynthesis:
    a. Light
    b. H2O
    c. O2
    d. Chloroplasts
  7. In this experiment the spinach leaves were infiltrated with sodium bicarbonate
    solution. Why did the disks float again when exposed to light?

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